Pricing and contact - Sebastian Fouquet

Please contact me for prices,  printing options or any questions you may have regarding my images. I welcome all feedback and views.

You can email me at 

My philosophy is that photographs need to live.  The art of the print is important to me.  If you share this passion for photographs that you can hang on a wall and enjoy - you are my kind of person!  By all means share on social media - but the real value of an image is not on a screen, but displayed to be enjoyed and savoured. 

The rates i charge for fine art prints are $75 per image plus printing. The print price will depend on the size and on what media you want.  You can rest assured that all my images can be enlarged to A1 or A0 sizes.  

I can also provide a framing service.  My frames are custom made.  Just let me know what you like and I am sure we can find a solution. 

I like to make sure all my clients get the product they want with the right quality.  I like to produce artwork that will last a lifetime. 

Please do reach out to me for any questions you may have.